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Levon Jivanyan
Founder and CEO

LevonJivanyan was previously a co-founder of Nasdaq International Solar, Vivopower International PLC. He joined the TrustInvestment group in February 2018 and played an important role in shaping the strategy and vision of TrustInvestment. Levon is well versed in the inner workings of security protocols such as Cryptonote, Mimblewimble, Coinjoin, zkSNARKs and Zerocoin that offer notes, discussions and seminars around the world at conferences such as Beyond Blocks, Blockshow, Distribution and Bitcoin to understand for people who enthusiast cryptocurrency around the world.

Levon is also a strong supporter of online privacy and finance for more than ten years. Moreover, he founded one of Eastern Europe's leading VPN companies in 2007 and is one of the first merchants in Switzerland to accept cryptocurrency.

Riwan Colas
Technical Director

Mr. Rizwan is an advisor, investor and technical director at TrustInvestment. Mr. Rizwan is also the director of Play Labs @MIT and is conducting his research at MIT media lab. Mr. Rizwan is an early investor in cryptocurrencycompaniesandblockchain, including Ripio/ BitPagos, CoinMkt, Bex.io and has been operating with BitAngels since 2013. Mr. Rizwan is a co-author of a number of crypto related articles including Online Auto Auctions for transactions via Bitcoin Transaction counters (2015) and creating systems peer system to buy and sell Bitcoin online (2013) and is the designer of Bitcoin Bazaar, one of the first peer-to-peer mobile applications for individuals who trade bitcoin. Mr. Rizwan received a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree at Stanford University.

George Meserve
Technology Development Engineer

George has 17 years of experience in C++ and has worked for reputable companies like Deutsche Bank, where he works on an algorithmic trading platform and a flexible FX risk calculator. His technology repositories include C++11, C++14, Boost, STL, PostgreSQL and Linux. Over the past time, George also has experience in establishing crypto mining activities. As a person involved in software development for foreign exchange, stock markets and algorithmic transactions, George is very interested in fintech and especially cryptocurrency where he believes to form a new market and free economy. In that direction, he strongly believes in the need for security mechanisms on the blockchain.

Benjamin Kapoor
Blockchain & ICO expert

With more than twelve years of experience in project management and business analysis and more than three experiences in deploying ICO, electronic money, ethereum, bitcoin, hyper ledger, ADA, consensus protocol and technology Distributed / shared ledger. He has also obtained various industry certifications such as PMP, CBAP, ITIL, PSM1& CSM. He has worked for various bank conversion projects, such as unsustainable and interrupted, initiated in many areas such as Retail Banking, cash management, general payment management, corporate banking, asset management, electronic finance and local and international payment systems

Sandra Kren
Manager of public relations

She is a multi-lingual communication expert with over 15 years of leadership tenure in six countries in the corporate and entrepreneurial environment. She held top positions at Metro C & C in Russia, a comprehensive advertising company in China, an international NGO for development in Switzerland. She produced a series of great lectures at Berlin’s Humboldt University with heads of state and the EU government, and energy project area sustainability of the Germany’s Ministry of Development in Central Asia. Her majors include branding, general PR and political PR, and press communications. She studied in the United States, Germany and Switzerland and was granted a diploma in Marketing and Doctorate in Political Science.