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ASIC New technology

Green energy and new ASIC boards with soaking coolers, make us highly profitable

Bitcoin, at a price of approximately 8,000 USD at the present time, is still a valuable asset. Mining bitcoin, of course, becomes an attractive activity, but the amount of bitcoin left to be mined is not much.

There are nearly 17 million bitcoin remaining, according to data from blockchain.info

This means there are just over 4 million bitcoins, equivalent to 20% of the remaining bitcoin to be mined, due to the amount of bitcoin limited to the original at 21 million.

A recent study by Morgan Stanley showed that mining bitcoin in 2018 could be used up to 120-140 Twh of electricity, equivalent to the electricity consumption of Argentina.

Due to calculating performance issues, our Bitcoin mining system moves from using conventional graphics cards to GPUs designed specifically for gaming and ASICs are now ready for mining cryptocurrency.
Application- specific integrated circuit is a device with circuits and chips specifically designed to mining cryptocurrency. It is considered a "tractor" because of its higher performance, to distinguish it from a mining VGA- the machine using traditional computer graphics cards for mining cryptocurrency.

ASIC is a chip specifically designed to perform only one task. Unlike FPGAs, an ASIC cannot be changed to perform other tasks.

As Bitcoin's acceptance and value has risen, the justification for creating more powerful, energy-efficient and economical devices has ensured an important technical investment to develop the ultimate repetition and current of Bitcoin mining semiconductors. ASIC are superefficient chips that have hash power as many orders are bigger than former GPUs and FPGAs. In terms of efficiency, ASIC outperforms CPU and GPU. According to a study by Intel, FPGAs - a specialized circuit with 10 times higher performance than CPU and GPU, but still 7 times lower when compared with ASIC. In brief, it's a customized bitcoin tool with much more efficient network security than before.

It is understandable that the ASIC device purchased today will still be mined for two years if the device is strong enough and the cost of electricity does not exceed its output. Operating profit is also determined by the exchange rate. But in any case, the higher power saving the device brings, the higher the profit it gains. With outstanding performance advantages, ASIC seems to have an advantage in the race to win the final prize of the remaining 20% bitcoin.