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Artificial intelligence science

For 17 million bitcoin that has been mined and is in circulation, we mine by artificial intelligence in trading
We use AI trader bot to maximize the quantity of Bitcoin which has been mined before.
We make full use of the coins mined on the system, using AI trader bot to mine the coins available in the market. AI trader bot with artificial intelligence can make definitive decisions about position on orders, cut losses or allocate reasonable capital to maximize profits. The amount of profit we gain can be from 5 to 30% monthly from AI trader bot.

AI trader bot uses Artificial Intelligence to review and make trading decisions based on real-time market information. AI trader bot has been programmed to recognize the optimal market conditions for trading in order to realize market benefits.

There are two modes that we can trade, automatic AI transactions and OCO transactions. In AI trading mode, once the strategy is selected, AI starts to trade automatically to find the optimal trading results.
In OCO mode, the platform provides us with a unique opportunity to trade on all pairs with the ability to place both stops and take profit at the same time. Here we can learn the positions. Core features and functions of all major modules integrated in our application.

This application has four main interfaces, Control Panel, Strategic Control Panel, OCO Control Panel and History control panel. Strategic Control Panel: We have deliberately kept our platform simple. Instead of providing some programs that offer trading solutions on different parameters, we have developed a comprehensive AI solution that takes into account all the best methods in the world of cryptocurrency trading.